As a medical community, the only way to fight this is together

We are calling all doctors and nurses willing and able to help in the fight against this global pandemic.

Register your interest now:

Doctors Unite

Our mission

We must unite against COVID-19 and ensure the health systems of New Zealand and Australia have the resources they need. 

We’re on a mission to mobilise the medical community. 

Medworld has responded to the call to arms for our country, we've partnered with MedRecruit and Tonix Health Recruitment to establish a community of doctors and nurses that are able and willing to help. 

As a medical community, the only way to fight this is together.
Nurses Unite


How will we unite?

We’re anticipating an increase in demand for doctors and nurses in hospitals, clinics, pop-up fever clinics and virtual health solutions. 

We are working with central and local government bodies in New Zealand and Australia to build a community of doctors and nurses ready to step up when needed. 

If you’re in New Zealand or Australia and are:


About Medworld

  • a registered doctor or nurse, or 
  • a doctor or nurse that is not currently registered or practising, or 
  • a doctor or nurse retired in the last 3 years
We invite you to register your interest now.

We’ll work with our accredited partners; MedRecruit and Tonix Health Recruitment to match you to roles that need to be filled.

Medworld exists for the well-being of the medical profession and every doctor in it. As a profession, we need to come together for each other and our communities. 

We started with the Declaration of Geneva to look after the health and well-being of every doctor. Now, more than ever before, we must come together for the good of our profession and the communities we serve.

Let’s be better together.


I’m not currently registered, how long will it take?
AHPRA and MCNZ are currently fast tracking applications. Please visit the respective websites to find out more.
Currently no, but the situation is continuously evolving so please register your willingness and we will be in contact.
I’m a medical student can I help out?
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Never locumed before?
No worries we're here to help coordinate and our friendly specialists will guide you through the process.
Doctors UniteNurses Unite
Will this work be voluntary or paid?
This will be paid work, rates depend on the type of role.
How long will it be until I am contacted?
We have had an incredible response so far. Our partners at MedRecruit and Tonix will be reaching out to those interested ASAP. We appreciate your patience. 
Please Note: We’d like to clarify you are registering with Medworld, MedRecruit and Tonix Health Recruitement to be deployed in any way possible. This includes supplying to the Ministry of Health NZ, but it will also include the DHBs and private providers. We apologise for any confusion caused by the use of the Ministry of Health logo.
I'm not a doctor or nurse, can I still help?
At the moment we are working to resource the demand for doctors and nurses. We really appreciate your support but at the moment the best thing you can do is stay at home.
At the moment the Ministry of Health has a fast track registration process for those who have retired within the last 3 years.
Does it matter how long ago I retired?